Thursday, 12 January 2012

Why I hacked @BollywoodGandu (because I'm a pussy)

This blog post is in response to 

Since my account has been hacked, I though an appropriate response should be given.


I think I should first explain why I did not hack, and then get to why I did -

I did not because,
  • I needed followers (What I really need is a some female companionship)
  • Fame (My mother says I'm the most famous person she knows anyway)
  • I was jobless (My job as Talegaon Chief Sanitation Officer pays well)
  • I hated him (In fact, I'm just jealous)
  • Personal reasons (my childhood battle with piles)
However, I did hack it. And I did because,
  • My penis has shrunk to the size where it has become physically impossible to masturbate without the use of clippers
  • I got tired of peeing on my balls
  • My mother was a hamster and my father smelt of elderberries
  • I want to pave a career for myself in Indian politics (I luvz u SoniaG)
What I plan to do with the account?

Nothing. Let it be. No tweets against anyone from it at least. I obviously do not have the ability to understand humour (let alone create it).

What was the point of doing it?

I wanted to prove to the world that I am so lonely that I spend all my time trying to hack accounts. In fact, I got my first girlfriend by hacking into her account and threatening to tell all her secrets to her parents. Good ol' days I tell you.

BTW, if anyone found this bad or is against this action, I am sorry for it. Even though he had 40K+ followers its true he could probably have 400K+ haters too although I have no way to prove any of this.

@AnonAbagnale if you are reading this – You are dumb and you have no sense of humor. Also you've committed a crime as per Indian Information Technology Act 2000 - Chapter IX. So technically, you're also a criminal.

If you have any questions or anything to say, comment here, or tweet me, or email me at :)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hahahhha !!! Wow and you still think you should make jokes on Kapil Sibbal !!
      I dont know what the comment was but you deleting this shows ur ever shrinking ever contracting balls !!

    2. The comment was deleted by its author and not me you retard.

    3. ooops my bad :D Happens !! Those moments when your hatred overcomes you !!

  2. This is what i posted on that loser's blog but guess he will not post it. "This is bullshit...who the fuck are you, "twiiterman" i think you are a dickless, worthless, groupie of some loser bollywood celebrity....celebrities who dont take insult well are in the wrong business, its none of your business to stop rants against celebrities. How is Kapil Sibal than wrong in censoring social netwoking. People like Bollywood Gandu are followed by us for this specific reason."

    Me think, You jealous.

  3. BollywoodGandu, take a break plz.. Go to some yoga ashram and cool off yourself. May be then you can create some humour which you tend to just understand from fakingnews and jayhind and try to be as funny !! Chalo its my 2nd hate mail and m seriously angry on that person who hacked ur worthless account, his actions remind me of EC order to cover up mayawati statues which will indeed attract more attention to SICK ASSES !! Anyways seek this as a good opportunity to quit twitter or some other Hater frm ur 40000k strong haters community have to hack ur account again!!

    1. Why do you guys have to follow him if you couldn't take his jokes. All you bollywoodgandu haters should just stick to masturbating watching "the dirty picture"

    2. Hmm Dirty Picture.. Thats a Classic. and FYI m ex-follower..

  4. why don't you file fir against that stupid cum-gobbling cocksmoker, i too used to hate you but the stupid shit that this chutiya did should in no way appreciated. we all are on twitter for fun and abusing celebs shouldn't bug anyone's ass except the crazy fans who masturbate watching the photos of their fav. celebs, like this crazy guy in my college who has got a huuuuge crush on SRK he even jerks-off watching his movies and always keeps a small photo of shah rukh handy.

    so anonabagnale be a good man now we all know that u can hack and all but it's not cool.

  5. I was a follower, I still am ... Hope you will get your profile back... What anon did has already proved your popularity and that your opinions Does matter to few so called celebs....

  6. man ur account was hacked by a child and try to respect hackers the re the coolest people in the world