Friday, 13 January 2012

A Message for @AnonAbagnale

This is BollywoodGandu. Firstly, I have not made any other accounts so anyone tweeting claiming to be me (besides @CricketGandu) is an imposter.

Secondly, yes my account has been hacked by some self righteous prick who, in his warped mind, thinks he has made some sort of charitable effort by criminally compromising my account. Maybe he was inspired by Sonam Kapoors gut wrenching performance in Players as a computer expert in "Ethical" Hacking. (WTF?)

When I wasn't able to log in...
Regardless, he really hasn't been able to verify any of his reasons for the intrusion.

He says I was being abusive towards celebrities, but several of them follow the account themselves. What's strange is that after accessing my account, @AnonAbagnale direct messaged a few of the celebs who follow me. Aww, looks like the poor boy needed some validation after all.

In fact here's a tweet from one of the Bollywood singers you claim I abuse

"@IAmAnushka: I miss @BollywoodGandu ! He was mean, but he was funny. And most people he made fun of (including me), were cool enough to take a joke."

He says I was a nuisance on twitter and then says (my favorite reason) "He was not funny anymore". These are just opinions my friend, and everyone knows that opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one.

Oh yeah, and then there's the claim of having 450k or more people who "hate" me. Boy, whatever it is that you're smoking - share it.

If he really wants to prove himself as the messiah of the Indian twitter scene (which is the goal right?) maybe he should share the abusive tweets that I publicly made. It's all there on my timeline.

I read on twitter somewhere that he has given an interview on some blog. That's great. Hope he enjoys the attention - while it lasts.


  1. Dear @BollyWoodGandu he has given the interview to me,but i didnt write a biased post,u can read it for yourself here: |http : // hameedscribbles . blogspot . com|

  2. You might have already tried this, but just in case you haven't:

  3. Well its ur hater again. But I do feel bad that one's efforts are being misused by other. I agree w/ him that you arent funny anymore but as you said, even i got an asshole so the whole point is Misusing someones hard work fr own purpose is sick n Direct Messaging your celebrity followers is Pathetic and Cowardly act and shows his Fame Hunger.
    In the End I just wish that you get both your HUMOUR and ACCOUNT back !!

  4. Dont mess with the geeks. Chances are that you will end up working for one ;-)...

  5. U know what I do follow u and I even like ur sense of humor *till the time it lasts* .. But main thing is you both guys are gutless .. Give ur name on profile or post ur pic and then make fun of peoples .. Damn hard I knew .. And I bet someday soon another geek will do it !