Sunday, 15 January 2012

How @BollywoodGandu unhacked the hacker

I'm going to go ahead and summarize the entire saga that happened with my @BollywoodGandu twitter account being taken over by some child named @AnonAbagnale on twitter.

On Jan 11th the account password was changed and I received an email from Twitter saying the accounts email address had also been changed. I saw a message on my timeline supposedly from me saying my account was hacked and linked to this blog with reasons for hacking.

I parodied his reasons here and then wrote a reply here. There was no response from him, which was expected.

I was still logged in from my mobile device at first but couldn't log in from the web. This is when some of you saw this tweet:

@BollywoodGandu "My penis is so small I pee on my own balls. - @AnonAbagnale."

That was me. Justifiably angry. He deleted this tweet.

From then on till the evening of Jan 14th only he had access to my account. Twitter had been notified, but their response time is worse than your local municipality organization.

So how did I get the account back WITHOUT twitters help?

I figured out the identity of the intruder. How I did this is a bit long winded, but the intruder had left several clues himself. And then I posted this around the afternoon on Jan 14th.

He had to respond and he did via DMs to @CricketGandu - an account I have access to but do not run. I offered him a a way out.

He had to write an apology note on his blog to me and another person he has intruded upon (a user named @amari_deol) and surrender the account to me. In return, I have promised not to expose him.

You can read his sheepish apology note here. Just one minor point - this was no return gift. He had no choice. This is a tweet from him just a day before:

@AnonAbagnale: "@Sunidhi_venna oh don't worry.. He aint getting it back.."

I did get it back. Asshole.


  1. This @anonabagnale and @bollywoodgandu are #sameguy! 'How I did this is a bit long winded, but the intruder had left several clues himself' ??? FU! Jaali publicity stunt!

  2. no they can't be the same person i can guarantee that as @bollywoodgandu never replies any tweet but @anonabagnale was replying each one of them.they might be friends though , if they were the same person to kapil sibal ke fuck buddy @digvijaya_28 ki kasam #aapchutiyehai.

  3. Publicity for more followers on twitter (lame, isn't it?)...may be to divert everyone's attention to a guy named Rajat! Rajat who?

    1. Yes it is pretty lame. Rajat was the name of the guy who had my account. I have no interest in outing him - he gave the account back to me.

  4. Who said @bollywoodgandu doesn't reply to tweets?he sure does....

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